Meet The Team

Rev. Michael Bronson | Lead Pastor

Michael gives direction and leadership to Mountainside Church. He is passionate about helping people understand the message of Jesus: That regardless of who you are, God has a good plan for your life & wants a relationship with you. Michael and his wife Olivia have two children and live in the promise-land (AKA Binbrook, Ontario).


Jolanna Love-Stirling | Childrens Pastor

Jolanna oversees the children’s & pre-school/nursery programs at Mountainside Church. She loves kids and has the dream to see every child in Binbrook realize their full potential for God. Jolanna and her husband Jeff  have 4 amazing kids and she teaches part-time at Bellmoore Elementary School. She also basically knows every kid in Binbrook.


Lorne Hamlyn | Music Pastor

Lorne gives leadership to the music and production aspects of our Church. He has the goal of helping people connect to God through song, and to help people truly show love to God through musical worship. Lorne and his family live right in the village of Binbrook, and are originally from Newfoundland. Feel free to make as many “Newfy” jokes as you’d like.


Olivia Bronson | First Impressions & Events Director

Olivia is responsible for anything related to our guest’s first experience, as well as the events that we regularly do. Her desire is to see people build new friendships, so that people will grow in their faith. Olivia and her husband Michael have two children, and live in Binbrook. Olivia is currently praying that Target Department Stores will return to Canada.


Clayton Mallett | Atmosphere & Operations Pastor

Clayton’s role is to ensure that every department is up and operating efficiently, and to help create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Clayton and his wife Beth have two amazing kids and live in Binbrook. When Clayton isn’t on the water fishing, you can find him watching fishing videos while cleaning his fishing rods, while dreaming about fishing.


Sarah Powell | Team Administrator & Youth

Sarah helps with the administration of Mountainside and helps keep everything organized. She also oversees our Jr. Youth team to make sure that the youth are having fun while learning about God. Sarah is currently in school to be a teacher, and LOVES Binbrook. The team would not know what to do without her help. No seriously.